Best Applications For Health and Fitness in 2018

people are becoming more health conscious and to monitor there routine here are some health and fitness applications that will help you track your calories burned, calories intake manage stress levels and so on. so check out our list of the best health and fitness apps.

Best Applications For Health and Fitness in 2018

1.Nike+Training Club

Nike free workout application is an excellent application for a workout. There are loads of activities to do and tons of extra features. There are beginners, intermediate and advanced level of category. Within each category, you are given specific exercise that is last between 20 to 60 seconds. You can also set goals like if you want to get lean, then specific exercise are there to get lean. some of the categories to choose from are Get lean, Get toned, Get strong etc. You can also set a program for a specific period of time and achieve your personal goal.

health and fitness applications nike

2.My FitnessPal

My fitness pal application is a calorie counter application that helps you track your calorie count, steps, Daily food intake. My fitness pal has an inbuilt barcode feature that helps you to scan the food product. once scanned you can enter the number of servings and the app does all calculations of your calories intake.  It also helps you to guide what kind of food you are eating has calories and whats missing in your diet. The exercise section shows your cardio and strength training for the day. When you enter an exercise, it shows up on the screen whenever around, so you can continue without much of a stretch include.

health and fitness applications myfitnesspal


Calm is an application that allows the user to relax, meditate. One should find a time in the day to loosen up and unwind. The application provides the user with a way to escape from stress. The application allows you to choose 3 most important area. you can choose any 3 from the given list. The application also monitors how much experience you have in meditation. In terms of health and fitness, the Calm application is best in terms of maintaining mental and physical health.

health and fitness applications calm


Fitbit is the perfect application for your can choose your goal and let the app know what your current fitness level. you can also choose from two trainers who will guide you through the workout videos. There are basically 3 types to explore workouts. (programs, workout, audio coaching). you can keep track of log activities like yoga and workouts to keep you on track. fitbit application also allows you to add friends to compare your progress or join challenges with up to 10 people to see who can log the most steps.

health and fitness application fitbit










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