Best Earphones Under Rs.1500

Everyone wants a pair of earphones that are comfortable, has amazing sound quality, or wished to get an even more enhanced sound performance and are available at a cheaper price. Below mentioned are the Best Earphones Under Rs.1500 that you can buy and experience the best in terms of sound quality, build quality and price.

Best Earphones Under Rs.1500

1. JBL c100si

Best earphones under Rs. 1500 jbl

The sound and build quality are astonishing. These earphones are considerably best earphones yet, as compared to other expensive earphones3 out in the market. Coming to the sound quality, the JBL c100si has thumping bass and delivers amazing sound quality. The most appealing feature is the noise canceling. These are a comfortable piece of earphones, very lightweight and the ear tips come in 3 sizes, giving you the best comfort tips to choose from. It has 3 color variants to choose from Black, Red, and White. The JBL c100si is priced at Rs. 799.

2. Sennheiser CX213

Best earphones under Rs. 1500

Sennheiser CX213 are very stylish, lightweight and comfortable piece of earphones that can be worn for hours without getting any discomfort. The fit of these earphones is amazing. This earphone also has a great bass and sound performance. It has an excellent balanced audio and decent noise isolation. The Sennheiser cx213 are available in black, blue, silver and pink. These earphones are priced at Rs. 1,475.

3. Mi earphones

Best earphones under Rs. 1500 mi

Xiaomi Mi has already taken over a wide range in smartphones at an affordable price. Recently launched Mi earphones offer impressive sound quality, great build all at affordable price. The earphones are kevlar Fiber cable that provides a premium feel of the earphones and looks amazing. The Mi earphones are available in Black and Silver color. Mi earphones are priced at Rs. 699.

4. Sony MDR EX-150

Best earphones under Rs. 1500 sony

Sony MDR EX-150 is a great earphone to buy at an affordable price, with such a high Bass quality. The sound clarity of the earphones is astonishing, making them one of the best earphones to buy. Sony MDR EX-150 are very lightweight and are easy to carry. These earphones are available in wide variety of color options to choose from, Black, blue, red and yellow. Sony MDR EX-150 is priced at Rs. 890.

5. Skullcandy S2DUYK

Best earphones under Rs. 1500 skullcandy

When it comes to Design, Audio quality Skullcandy is the best earphones to buy at an affordable price, offering astonishing performance in every aspect of sound. The microphone delivers clear phone calls. One of the best looking earphones. These earphones are available in Black color. Skullcandy S2DUYK is priced at Rs. 935.

6. Philips SHE7050BL

Best earphones under Rs. 1500 Philips

Philips has always been one of the amazing brands when it comes to electronics. The SHE variants of these earphones deliver amazing sound quality with really good design. The rubber earcups fit perfectly around ears making the earphone wearable for a long time. The Philips SHE7050BL are available in Black and blue colors. The price of Philips SHE7050BL is Rs.959.

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