How to take screenshot on windows 10

There are many ways through which you can take a screenshot on your laptop, through Snipping tool inbuild applications or through Keyboard Physical Buttons. you can take the screenshots on any platform of windows.

So here in this article, Below mentioned are some of the ways through which you can take a screenshot of whatever’s on your screen.

1. Snipping tool

Snipping tools is a pre-installed application on Windows 10. Search for snipping tool by clicking the start button. click on the application to open it. Now select the delay option from the drop-down list. Click on the numbers of seconds you would like to wait until your screenshot is taken. once you have selected the time, click on the new and you can choose from one of the four types of snips.

-> Click the start menu, and search snipping tool and open the application on it.

screenshot for windows 10

-> once your application is open select the mode and type you want your snip to be or if u want a specific part of screenshot select new.

screenshot for windows 10 through tool

2. Taking a screenshot with PrtScn

Keyboard command buttons can also be used to take screenshots on Windows platform. You can also take the screenshots with print screen button that is on the keyboard and save it as a file. The print screen button is usually between f12 and scroll lock, labeled as Prt Sc. On a laptop you may have to use the function or fn button for using prt sc to take the screenshots. The screenshots are saved in pictures in a folder named as screenshots, where all of your screenshots images are saved.

screenshot for windows 10 saving

3. Tablet screenshots

Everyone is using a tablet these days. If you are using a tablet that operates on Windows 10, you can also take screenshots on it by holding windows hold button and volume button to take screenshots. At first, the screen may flash barely, and the screenshot will b saved on the gallery of your device.

screenshot for windows 10 tablet

By using the above-mentioned methods you can take the screenshot on any version running Windows 7 or above or any platform running Windows 7 or above and save your images.

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