How to speed up steam download quickly in 2018

Steam is a platform where you can download, play games, video streaming, and can use social networking services and even connect with millions of users online. steam is available on every platform for windows, mac and even mobile devices. Although steam provides you the feature to download and play games, downloading new games and updating them requires a lot of patience. So here in this blog, we’ll discuss some tips that can help you to speed up steam download and spend more time in playing games.

 Speed up steam download Follow the steps

step 1– open the steam and go to settings. you can do it by selecting the steam icon and select settings, from the menu that appears.

speed up steam download

step 2– once the settings have been open, select download + cloud.

speed up steam download settings

step 3– here you’ll find two columns:

1: you need to see whether the approximate speed of your internet connection is correctly adjusted.

2: in the download region here you can select the region that is closest to you that would be the best for optimization and helps in speed up steam download in short period of time.

steam internet connection setting

changing the server region should definitely speed up the download.

once the above steps have been changed you can also change the priority step to help speed up steam download.

step 1– open the task manager and search for steam client service and select go to details.

step 2– one the detail panel is open, select set priority and change it from normal to high.

There’s one more method through which you can speed up steam download.

Go to the settings and click download. here in the download, you’ll find an option to limit bandwidth. Click on that option and adjust it to no limit.

Once you are done with all of the above settings you can apply all settings and click ok.

Adjusting these settings will require restarting of steam and before these setting could be put into action and will hopefully help you to speed up steam download.

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