Top PUBG Tips and Tricks

Want to improve your gaming skills, whether you are new to this game or skilled. Here are some tips and tricks that you can keep in mind to improve your PUBG gameplay and will surely help you to last long in the game.

Top PUBG Tips and Tricks

1.Selecting the most right location to land

Top PUBG Tips and Tricks landing

Firstly the most important tip to keep in mind is Selecting the most right location to land. you may think to jump off the plane, anywhere in the map but it’s not true. Choosing the most right location, try to get near buildings where you can get maximum supplies. Some of the locations that you can choose to land are shooting range, bunkers, lipovka etc.

2. Not wearing shoes

One of the important factor to keep in mind is to be barefoot. it has an amazing advantage that your enemies cannot hear you when you are approaching them. Making an excellent chance to kill your enemies and to be on the top.

3. Using Boosts

Top PUBG Tips and Tricks boosts

Apart from refilling your health from injections, bandages, medi-kit and so on. One of the most helpful items is using boosts(Painkillers and energy drinks). Using these energy drinks and painkillers will help you to refill your health above 75% or even from starting if you are out of bandages and medi-kits. Not only these boosts will help you to boost up your health but will also help in maintaining the health when you are out of safe-zone.

4. Using level bags and armor carefully

Top PUBG Tips and Tricks bags and armors

Bags, Armor, and helmets are one of the most essential items you can use to play games. Although there are three levels of it. The highest level has the maximum benefits.

The level 3 bag has can have up to 450 items to be filled

The level 3 armors and helmets provide you with maximum protection so that you can last long in the game and ensure your winning.

But the most people make mistakes is to still carry on there damaged level armors and helmet, believing the more the level, the better chance you will have against damage. Damaged high-level armors and helmets are more dangerous and you have more chances to be knocked out. Always look for undamaged armors and helmets.

5. Enabling Peek while hiding

Top PUBG Tips and Tricks peek

One of the best features that you can enable while playing and ensuring your security, is to enable the peeking option while hiding. When you are in an open location where there is nothing to hide excepts some rocks and trees. you can take advantage of it by peeking to the left or right, taking advantage of shooting the other opponents, without exposing your full body.

6. Closing the doors

Top PUBG Tips and Tricks closing doors

whenever you enter a building, make sure to close all the doors. Opened doors usually indicate that there is someone present in that building. If some other player is just walked in that building and doesn’t know that you already are present in that building, you may have an advantage of knocking out that person.

7. Taking advantage of Free Look

Top PUBG Tips and Tricks free look

Freelook is the best way you can ensure around to see whether there are any enemies present near your location or no. You can’t move to see around to look for the enemies, especially when you are at the end of the match. Also moving too much can expose your location, giving enemies a chance to take you out.



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